National Consultation Workshop on the National Framework for Climate Services in the Republic of Moldova

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 to Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Republic of Moldova

The workshop was divided into several segments. The first was devoted to the Global Framework for Climate Services and the international perspectives on its development and implementation. The World Bank, the World Meteorological Organization and JBA Consulting presented the thinking, history and experience behind improving climate services worldwide, highlighted support provided to Moldova, and reflected on the experience of EU member state Romania

The rest of the first day was dedicated to showcasing climate and meteorological services in Moldova, and to discussing how some of the existing gaps can be closed. Representatives of information producers (SHS, the Climate Change Office, the Institute of Genetics of the Academy of Science) were followed by users (the General Inspectorate of Emergency Situations, the Medical University, the Agricultural Business Association, several NGOs) who presented their perspectives.

Zoï Environment Network presented the results of in-depth interviews with information users. These interviews were carried out from February to April 2018, and have helped identify specific user expectations, needs and gaps as well as the possibilities for further developing climate-related information services in the country. The Slovenian Environment Agency presented Slovenia’s experience with delivering climate-related information, with special attention to building effective communication with information users.

The second day offered participants broad opportunities to express their views and opinions concerning the future development of the National Framework for Climate Services in Moldova. Key recommendations, which were provided by the participants through discussions in the breakouts and during plenary sessions, are summarized below in relation to priority areas suggested in the NFCS conceptual outline.

Final Report: 

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