What are the key dates and decisions points ahead?

The First Session of the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services 1 to 5 July 2013. IBCS-1 shall elect its Chair, Vice-chair and shall establish a Management Committee. IBCS-1 shall also focus on the decisions of the Extraordinary Session of the World Meteorological Congress, held from 29–31 October 2012, with regard to the implementation of the GFCS, establishment of the bodies reporting to the Board, financial matters and consideration of issues relevant to the implementation of the GFCS.

As part of IBCS-1, a one-day workshop, entitled “Operational Climate Services: A dialogue on practical action” will be held on 1 July 2013. The Dialogue will focus on the science, policy and resources requirements, and opportunities on climate services and will highlight some best practices from the local, regional and global perspectives.
Looking beyond the IBCS-1:

■ By end-2013, governments are to complete an organization-building phase. The Intergovernmental Board will establish the necessary management and executive (technical) committee structures as well as programs to undertake immediate implementation priorities.

■ By end-2017, GFCS is expected to facilitate access to improved climate services globally in four priority sectors (agriculture, disaster risk reduction, health and water). Active technical committees for each component and an active communications program will be established. At least five United Nations entities will be involved, and GFCS will participate in at least US$ 150 million of climate-related development projects. A mid-term review of the implementation of the Framework will be completed.

■ By end-2021, GFCS will have facilitated access to improved climate services globally across all climate sensitive sectors. At least eight United Nations entities will be involved,