Implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa - Tanzania Experience

The impacts of climate change are progressively being felt across Tanzania with overwhelming consequences. Extreme weather events are now occurring with increased frequency and severity threatening to reverse the development gains on the country while making it harder to attain the Tanzania development Goals, the Regional climate commitments, the continental blueprint “Agenda 2063”, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Enhancing climate change adaptation through research and sharing of experience remains the most critical avenue to enhance resilience to the most vulnerable communities worldwide. However, financial and technical capacity constraints mainstreaming of weather and climate information to adaptation programs, strategy, policy and practices.

This book contributes to filling this gap. It identifies how the Global Framework for Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa (GFCS-APA) can increase climate change resilience through promoting the use of climate services at all levels. The book also comes at the time most needed when countries are updating, revising, and implementing their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to comply with the Paris Agreement. The book also provides insight for TMA stakeholders in mainstreaming climate services to adaptation programs, polices and strategic processes. It further enhances collaboration, minimize duplication of efforts, and maximize adaptations gains with minimum inputs.

It is my expectation that the GFCS-APA programme highlights promising practices and provides transferable lessons and opportunities for building resilience to climate-related risks and impacts.

Dr. Agnes Kijazi